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The Depths update
November 9th, 2013
Well, it's been nearly a month since I put out a build, so I figured I'd force myself to find some time to work on the game this weekend.

I started adding new items types (belts of strength, helm of awareness, that sort of thing), but while adding them I noticed I got some of the data numbers mixed up in the last build. The random items being generated for floor, shop and chests were mixed up making the chests nowhere near as useful as I planned. Chests were meant to give players good items, but they ended up giving standard items. All the good items were in the shops.

That should be fixed now, I'll try adding a wand of charm then call it a build. With any luck I'll post something tomorrow.

edit: Charmed a slime (gave it tons of HP for testing) and it attacked another slime. Screenshot shows the situation a few turns later.

edit 2: v1.1.6 submitted to BBWorld. Will compile for Android soon.
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The Depths v1.1.5
October 13th, 2013
Submitted another build last night. Here's the changelog.

- Food thrown at your dog will now vanish.
- Barter skill now affects Priest service costs.
- Added 'Cure all afflictions' service to Priests.
- Player retains agression status when polymorphed.
- Added a dig through pile button.
- Revamped the skill upgrade screen.
- Added more gamepad/kb input and changed keys.
- Removed use button from whetstones.
- Added hint text to inventory screen.
- 'Rubble' at start of each level easier to see.
- Fixed pricing bug in shops.
- Levels start with more items laying around.
- Added a chest on each level.
- Added a deadzone behind the dpad.
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The Depths v1.1.4
October 5th, 2013
Another month another build.

This time I've added temples with priests and weapons that degrade. I've also fixed a bunch of bugs that Rizban found, thanks again!

This time I also published a PlayBook version. I just submitted the updates, so they should appear in a day or two.
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The Depths v1.1.3
September 14th, 2013
It's been a while, but I just released another update earlier this week. This one contains newly added pets, specifically a puppy that follows you around and likes to kill things.

I also finally updated the NaCl version of the game, so you can now enjoy the latest features right inside Chrome(I still use firefox.).
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