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Another lazy update
February 7th, 2014
- Improved dungeon generation, rooms can now be connected.
- Floors start smaller than before and get bigger as you descend.
- Complete overhaul of portrait mode.
- Fixed load/save of walk speed.
- Added new walk speeds.
- Fixed animations in 3d mode and in general.
- Default now 'tap' mode with fast walk speed.
- Added default up/down anim for enemy walk.

edit: Feb 8: This build(and maybe the one before) may have performance issues in 3d mode. It's fixed now, I'll release it soon

Making builds now:
- Added option for auto-pickup of loot.
- Fixed a glaring misuse of OpenGL buffers.
- Efficiently fixed the animations 3 builds in a row.
- Added new pickup sound effect.

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Lazy update.
February 3rd, 2014
- Added a wand of fumble.
- Added option for player movement speed.
- Improved some portrait mode menus.
- Fixed text height for some messages.
- Reduced animation jitter in tap mode.
- Fixed blackness when teleporting in 3d mode.
- Added a 'D-pad' label for confused people.
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New Year, new build
January 4th, 2014
I've been slowly putting together a new build of the game. I finally had some free time to playtest it and kill a few bugs, so I think it's finally stable enough for another release. I just submitted to BlackBerry, so like always, it'll take a day or two to go live, just in time for everyone to play at work. I'll test on Android tonight and upload a build if it works.

Here's the changelog:

- Added depth. Game now has 2d and 3d rendering.
- Added a town, it's got a backyard with nothing in it.
- Added a half done portrait mode.
- Fixed projectiles. They shouldn't go through doors.
and shouldn't get buried in walls any more.
- Enemies can hold items.
- Some enemies will spawn with weapons/armor equipped.
- Added stupid pet tricks.
- Fixed/Added critical hits on offhand and throw items.
- Removed hammer wear.
- Made buttons on Q10 a bit bigger.
- Fixed charm limits.
- Weapon mod icons now show even if weapon is +0.
- Tossed in 'Explosive Gas' guy as shopkeep.

edit: Android published
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The Depths v1.1.7
November 19th, 2013
Just pushed another build onto the BlackBerry App World submission crew, they were a big help with another issue last night. Hopefully this one will go through fairly quick, it's a bunch of good bug fixes. The biggest change is the new 'tap where you want to go' input method. I didn't make it the default, but I think it's quite good.

Let me know what you think.

- Tap to move input mode.
- Fixed equipment color bug.
- Smaller/tighter dungeons, less hallways.
- Fixed chest item spawn location.
- Fixed cloud spells.
- Frozen slimes no longer split.
- Improved virtual d-pad.
- Shopkeeps/Priests will no longer sleep on the job.
- Improved pathing for pets/followers.
Di situ. Gratis, kok bayar rp 26400.masih gak asyk juga BlackBerry Q10
Di situ. Gratis, kok bayar rp 26400.masih gak asyk juga BlackBerry Q10
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