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Topic: The Depths non-gameplay bugs
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Jimmy2013-10-13 20:36:22I just noticed that the game is not going completely idle on BB10 when minimized(according to the device monitor), I'm looking into it, but don't leave the game running otherwise it'll run down your battery. edit: Not an issue - was dev builds only

I also just found a crash if you go into the BB10's display options(to turn up/down brightness, etc). I'm looking into that as well. Both of these bugs don't happen with my old apps, so I can likely roll things back to find the issue.

If anyone sees any crashes or other specific issues on any platform let me know, I'll try to look into it.

Jimmy2013-10-15 18:59:08heh, after spending hours trying to track down the cpu usage, I thought I tracked it to the OpenAL code, the cpu would go idle if I never initialized the sound. Still didn't manage to fix it, but I downloaded a copy of the game from BlackBerry World, and like my other games it doesn't have the problem... the game goes fully idle when minimized.

I'll keep my eyes open for a better solution to suspending OpenAL when minimized, but for now it's good enough.

I may have fixed the other crash as well, but need to test a bit more.

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