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Topic: New Game idea
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tripletopper2011-05-03 23:38:55I have a new game idea, and a way to amke it more popular, and was looking fo a devleope to ogam my idea and turn it ito an indie game. First say if you're only doing your own games or if you'll do othe people's games you like.

Jimmy, I assume you're the sole proprietor of flathead games. I need to chat with you privaely. Share an box live name or an email address, so we can talk, especially if you say yes to consideing the above.
Jimmy2011-05-04 19:06:57While I love to hear any and all game ideas, I've already got my plate full with tons of my own. So, thanks for the offer, but you'll need to find another dev to get it made.

Best of luck,

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