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June 22nd, 2014
I released an update over a week ago but never posted here about it. These are the changes:

- Gas clouds.
- Two new trap types.
- New enemy.
- Two new images for old enemies.

edit: attached an old image from last year, looks about the same today... hud, potion and sword have improved since then.
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Introducing Challenge Mode!
May 25th, 2014
New build is up on android with a bunch of changes. The biggest addition is challenge mode, where all players will get the same dungeon layout, enemies and items. You can even leave messages on the floor in chalk that other players can read. At the moment, a challenge lasts 2 days.

- Challenge mode.
- Added Spin Attack power to Warrior class.
- Added Charged Shot power to Rogue class.
- Added Wand Charge power to Mage class.
- Fully ID'd inventory available when dead.
- Brightened up the caves.
- Fixed blocked off Temples.
- Less sleeping enemies.
- Tweaked bare hands damage.
- Tweaked stone throw damage.
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The Depths v1.2.5
April 3rd, 2014
Finally got v1.2.5 out on both BlackBerry and Android.

I didn't release 1.2.4 on BlackBerry because of stalls when starting menus(they're still there but only once), so you guys get to enjoy two new sets of features. Namely the class power system, with a unique cooldown power for each class, and the new score system with online leaderboards.

Hope you like it!
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Too many updates
February 12th, 2014
- Added directional attack animations for enemies.
- Added Charge power to Warrior class.
- Added Sneak power to Rogue class.
- Added Barrier power to Mage class.
- Fixed crash when transmogrified near enemy with gear.
- Changed the way critical hits and armor interact.
Belum bisaa di buka
Belum bisaa di buka dah di byar buat BlackBerry Q10 tolong bantuu gan
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